The do’s and don’t of blogging and tweeting!

Every company and/or advid Blogger, Tweeter can do a couple of things to improve their social media presence. Banks such as Bank of America are slowly but surely integrating social media in their marketing plans, to help the company reach as many consumers as possible. Although a company like Bank of America is probably highly regulated and can only tweet certain things to the public, they still have a great presence. Their twitter page is branded up the wazoo with the most current news being tweeted, #hashtagging #BofA in every tweet and so on. All of their twitter handles touch on their brand and divisions within #BofA constantly. Best way to get a brand out there over and over!

Blogging and Tweeting Best Practices


Share your thoughts and opinions about a particular subject. The knowledge you hold may be valuable to another reader.

Make your blog or twitter feed personal. Include those personal touches, whether it’s a personal background or a color scheme you really like. Make it your own!

Do brand your page if you’re an organization/company as much as possible.

Do use #hashtags and links to other company, organization or individuals pages. This is a great way to connect your readers or followers with links or similar stories or pages.

Do post frequently.

Do respond to comments on your blog or tweets as soon as possible.

Follow others on Twitter and bloggers that share similarities in their posts. Make an effort to follow one blog or a couple of Tweeters every week.


Attack other bloggers or tweeters because you may not agree with their comments. Keep it classy and understand that not everyone thinks the same way you do.

Don’t make your blog posts too long! Keep it simple, but with enough text to make your point. You don’t want one blog post turning into a novel.

Don’t forget to reference your quotes, images and/or videos used in your blog or tweets. You need to make sure you give credit for other peoples work.

Don’t forget to set a goal if you are using social media for your business. You don’t want to dive right in unless you have an idea of what your goals and objectives are.

Here are some helpful websites for more ways to improve your blog or twitter feed:

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One thought on “The do’s and don’t of blogging and tweeting!

  1. I appreciate that you made suggestions for how to use social media, as well as suggestions on behaviors to avoid. They might be simple, but these suggestions are some examples of necessary groundwork that all budding social media users need to lay to get the best out of their efforts. Over time, however, exactly how you behave regarding these suggestions may change out of necessity. For example, while it is generally advisable to respond to comments and tweets as soon as possible some businesses, such as Amy’s Baking Company, took this to the extreme and responded to harsh criticisms and complaints aggressively, without taking any time to think of a tactful way to respond! In time, though, everyone will find the formula that works for them with enough time and effort. Great suggestions!

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